A response. Of sorts. To things I’ve read and seen over the last week.

What is it I am so afraid of?

Regretting things.

So I have to do. Doing means making mistakes, but that means learning too.

What to do?

How to speak the language of the heart?

Open it.

It is not Pandora’s box. You, of all people, know that story was told to keep us down, to oppress with fear. Don’t look inside, or all the evils will be unleashed and it will be your fault. 

Close your eyes and make a wish. Only wish for things that nobody else wants. Don’t forget to hide. Keep yourself down, the bottom is the safest place to be, nobody can knock you down if you are already there.

Don’t be someone who shouts out at the top of your voice. Stay quiet. Silent is even better. It’s not for you to think. Let someone else do that for you.



This is how fear stops us. 

What are we afraid of?

The low opinions of others.

The judgements they make, the criticisms, the affirmation of all that you already believe. That you are not good enough.

So who are you? What is good enough? And who are you living for?

This world is not meant for anything. It just is.

You just exist because of a crazy set of chances.

Isn’t that reason enough to make the most of it? 

There are no rules. Not really. When you get to the heart of the thing, there is decency and a sense of compassion for the feelings of others. There are desires that are negative and damaging and some of us act on them sometimes. There are consequences.

But the consequences are yours to deal with.

The opinions of others are starting points.

Our own conscience must dictate our progress.

Step onto the road with an open heart.

Be compassionate of others, but do not be limited by their judgements.

We are all just trying to be a little less afraid each day.



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