Sunny Daydreams

However alluring the delayed gratification hum of imminent publication; the thrill of counting down in anticipation until a piece can be shared with the world. There is also a joy to be taken in the instant gratification of online sharing.

I love sharing my work. I write for my life and so to share the work I am proud of, whenever and however I like is an honour and a humbly acknowledged privilege of living in the instant internet age.

Embedded within this there is also the joy I take when my work is acknowledged by those who read it. Knowing that my work is affecting or somehow touching you makes it all the sweeter. However much I enjoy writing, to know that others enjoy reading my work is sometimes all it takes to push me to keep going on grey days. Please do share my work if you like it. Tell others, send them my way.

This morning I wrote a poem. It is only little, it may grow or shrink or change in some way, but I wanted to share it here first.

Under cover.
Frightened by sunlight, unused as I am to blue.
Skies unfurl white clouds to picture perfection.
In my imaginings, I’ve seen the tropics melt deepest indigo,
bat bird call night and sweat sleep drenched in hum buzz thrum.
But this morning light shatters illusory hiding places.
There is no escape.
You must, it says.
You must.


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