Where I have been and where I am going

I am deep in an editing situation. Harper Voyager have made a call for new writers to submit unpublished works for the duration of the first two weeks in October. I heard about this last week and, as exciting an opportunity as it might be, I’ve a not-quite-long-enough manuscript that is quite good but could be better.

I’m trying to add, and to strengthen.

I was reminded, as I started this process, of something that came out of the In Conversation with Sarah Salway, Lemn Sissay and John Siddique at Wise Words Festival in Canterbury. Sarah was talking about how she has soundtracks for writing and how, when returning to a piece after some time, it can be hard to get into the flavour of the work. How having a musical soundtrack whilst writing can be an instant way back in.

I do this too and I was relieved to re-find the voice I needed for this book, even though I’ve not been near it for a few months, simply by playing the soundtrack I listened to back in November last year whilst writing the first draft for NaNoWriMo.

(For anyone interested it is Widowspeak’s eponymous album)

So I’m going to get this thing polished and as perfect as I can.

And by then I’ll be ready for NaNoWriMo 2012.


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