How to write a blog, or not, as it turns out

Writing is a strange pursuit. So much of it happens quietly in the spaces between, in the early hours of the morning, on waking, whilst doing other things.

Published writing, or writing for publication, are separate entities distinct from the ongoing work in subtle ways. I write occasional music reviews for Freq that have been appearing there whilst I have been elsewhere, and a small story I began years ago appeared in Litro last August.

The distance between writing a thing and a thing appearing in the world can be great, and can suck the momentum from the other work which feels pressing and urgent and yet has no embodied form outside the confines a few little bits of data that hover around on the cloud being tumbled from phone to computer and back again through my mind and fingers.

To that end my auguries have taken a new form on instagram, a visual medium that allows the inclusion of small tracts of text to abutt the images I snap on my phone. I had a personal one that I grew to loathe, but I thought it might be fun to play with and see how it sticks. Feel free to follow me @curiouslittlebooks.


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