Oh my. Too long in the doldrums and you can find yourself trapped. Blogging my way out might be the only way.

I love Autumn. But this one’s not been kind.

Had an amazing time at WiseWords festival in September, my second year there, it was, sadly, a too brief visit. There is much to share on that regarding my lovely Fiona Lesley’s quite brilliant Poetry Survey; A thing of beauty that has to be experienced to really get what it is about. Do go over to the site and have a look. I nominated a deeply personal favourite – May Sarton’s second Autumn Sonnet, and the process of transforming it into a recording by actor Michael Shaeffer was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.



And now it is already late October and I’m going to attempt another NaNoWriMo novel.

I’m slowly recovering from a hip and shoulder injury, and the head cold garnered last week from too much working and not enough sleeping is finally on its way out.

If anyone wants to play a “write me a story” game, I’ll happily take requests, prompts and so forth.

email or tweet me prompts: arwen.xaverine@gmail.com or @arwenxaverine




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